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Access to Medicinal Cannabis


Medicinal cannabis has been legalised in Australia, but it will take years before we have a functioning system in place that will give patients access to it. During this time thousands of Aussie patients will continue to needlessly suffer due to slow moving federal and state bureaucracy, and efforts by political and pharmaceutical organisations to block its implementation .

These extra years of suffering are simply unacceptable for the thousands of Australians suffering today.

Greenlight.support advocates for patients to have access to cannabinoid medicines for the treatment of their specific and individual symptoms. This includes hemp derived CBD AND whole plant extracts from cannabis varieties including THC which is important for many conditions.

Help us let the government know we need an immediate solution that gives patients critical access to a legal medicinal solution that improves their lives.

What we need from the Government:

Approve a 'Transitional compassionate access program' that works in real terms
It will take the Government approximately 3-5 years to review and rewrite its current unworkable framework and guidelines on medicinal cannabis. An interim regulatory framework should be set up that gives suffering patients immediate and compassionate access to medicinal cannabis.
Create a federal framework
Every patient in Australia should have the same access to medicinal cannabis. Federal regulations and actions should ensure we don't end up with a situation where lives and access differ by State.

Put an end to scaremongering
Stop allowing scare tactics and the stigma of illicit marijuana to prevent medicinal cannabis users from gaining critical access to this legal medicine.

Respect our bodies biological needs
Put human rights first - the human body has an endocannabinoid system and makes its own cannabinoids to maintain homeostasis. If someone has a deficiency in their own endocannabinoid system, give them the biological right to medicine from the plant that the human body is physiologically designed to receive.

End criminalising patients and patient carers
Sourcing and providing medicinal cannabis has led to people being made CRIMINALS in their attempts to alleviate their suffering or that of their loved ones. Until a real solution is in place carers can still be criminally charged. Give them the opportunity to find a solution that works today instead of the painful wait for a drawn out timeline and solution.
Commit to a complete solution
While some regulatory barriers have been removed, in real terms the path to beneficial cannabis products is blocked, resulting in a series of half measures that are ineffective. The Government should create clear pathways that enforce its legal commitment.

End harmful restrictions
Put an end to the prohibitive regulations and narrow treatment options that are currently being offered.
End unnecessary delays
The slogan for the need of 'evidence based research' is being exploited as a means to unnecessarily slow down medicinal cannabis from gaining access to the patient market. A real advisory committee should be put in place that understands the dire consequences for people who face life threatening and devastating conditions if they do not get medicinal cannabis or lose access to it. This delay is causing unacceptable and avoidable suffering and treading a fine line for some between life and risk of death.

Living a better life and not harming anyone else is a Basic Human Right.
People have fought for them throughout history and continue to do so whether it be racial equality, gender equality and religious freedom. Australians will challenge the Government for the right to treat themselves to a better life.

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There's so much misinformation out there about medicinal cannabis that it's time to set the record straight and become informed with the facts. Below we've provided some helpful information to download to help you on that journey or if you'd simply like to know more. They break down for you the legal, scientific and technical aspects of medicinal cannabis and help dispel the many myths surrounding it. Being informed helps you, helps us and will help those who really need our help.


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Leigh Sainty 36
Chemotherapy Patient

Lissa 12
Intractable Epilepsy

Annabelle 6
Epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Bev Hickey 79
Severe Tremors

Lina 44
Extensive Chemo Treatment

Lindsay Carter 18
Brain Tumor, Epilepsy

Peter 62

Tom Greenaway 42
Incurable Brain Cancer

Ben Oakley 21
Stiff Person's Syndrome

Dan Haslam 25
Chemotherapy (RIP)


Annie 56
Fibromyalgia, Migraine and Osteoarthritis

Stephen W 56
Kidney Cancer


Ben 22
Gastro Paresis

Brigitte's Mum 80
broken back & head of femur

Cheryl Brown 60
Metastasized breast cancer

Cooper Wallace 6
Intractable epilepsy

John Reid 54
Chronic Pain

Kate 40
Anxiety and panic attacks

Marie 54
Breast Cancer

Marta Browne 36
Integrative Naturopath

Michael Laughing Wolf 68

Narelle 49

Kathleen 41
Breast Cancer

Renee 61
Whiplash from a car accident

Sean O'Connell 14
Catastrophic Epilepsy Syndrome

Jessica Olson 20
Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Anthony Gates 81
Bowel Cancer

Paul Bradford

Helen (not my real name) Middle aged
Chronic pain